This Is Not Goodbye…

This blog was meant for a class I took at Skyline College, and our final post is to be a “FAREWELL” post to inform our readers that we will not be posting anymore. As the semester winds down, I’m realizing now that I really enjoyed doing this blog. Besides the deadlines for the class, I looked forward to writing on LOVEYOURZSTORY because I’m so interested in other people’s love stories. I was hesitant to write a goodbye post because 1. I hate goodbyes and 2. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to end the blog… after some great thought and my phone breaking less than 1 hour ago for the 2nd time in 2 months (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!) I’ve decided that this is not goodbye, this is not where it is going to end.

I will remain posting on this blog, for I have grown attached. Over time my writing style may change to more laid back and personal since I will no longer do it for a grade. I might also be posting less frequently, but more when I get inspired.

I hope you the readers have enjoyed the stories I have posted up, because I  really have. And thank you to everyone who let me use their story.

Like I said, this is not goodbye. You’ll see my name again one day… but for now, this blog will do.


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